The tragic events related to the current influx of refugees on the borders of Europe have touched the hearts of most people. It is only natural that the good people of Scotland have been among the first to open their hearts and minds to those fleeing with their lives from the areas of raging conflict. Fife offered to accommodate 140 refugees by 2021.

As our own contribution in caring for those in dire need of care and compassion. The first group of families has arrived in December 2015.

Fife Arabic Society (FAS) feel that it is its duty as well as privilege to be the main point of contact as well as a conduit to offer counselling, help and representation for these refugees. Not only that its members share the same background, culture and language, but also because it has unrivalled record in presenting and serving the Arab community in Fife as well as the whole of Scotland.
Caring for the local Arabic community over the years has seen the second generation of Fife Arabs to blossom into a dynamic and successful group. This should inspire the new families to continue with the ethos of hard work and good, clean living being embedded in the heart of the community will give them the chance to serve their host country that gave them the chance of a new start in life.

Reception for the Syrian families January 2016